Durable And Soft Wool Area Rugs Ideas 43
Durable And Soft Wool Area Rugs Ideas 43

45 Durable And Soft Wool Area Rugs Ideas

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One of the most arduous tasks faced by homeowners and interior designers alike is finding the perfect area rug for various parts of the room they’re currently working on. Wool area rugs have always been everybody’s choice among all types of rugs as wool is stain-resistant and can last for an incredibly long time. It is considered a quality rug which explains the reason why wool rugs can come in different price tags.

If you’re one of those that cherish their amazing hardwood floors and are tired of sanding out scratched and scuffed floors, then getting wool as rugs is an ideal move instead of covering the whole floor with unattractive carpet. Wool also serves as an insulation as it helps warm up the floor during chilly weathers.

It is also great for muffling loud sounds such as footsteps. This is why most offices fashion wool area rugs since their female employees wear high heels that can be very noisily distracting when they go around the office. Most people place their wool area rugs in the busiest parts of the house such as hallways, living rooms, and kitchen. They are also great to place in attics and upstairs rooms as they can muffle the sounds of footsteps.

Another great feature of this type of rug fabric is that it is not only stain and flame-resistant, it is also known for taking dyes very well; resulting in colors that stay bright and vibrant even after frequent washings.

Wool rugs are easy to clean, although it depends on the length of the fibers used. You either brush or vacuum it, but vacuuming is more preferred as brushing the wool can tear some of the fibers. The weave of the fibers keeps the dirt, dust, and pet hairs near the surface of the rug where it’s easy to remove. For longer fibers like those from shag carpets, it is a good idea to just comb them out at least twice a week.

Wool area rugs are great in absorbing dye and releasing moisture. This is a great feature as it means that stains are relatively easy to clean. To remove stains, simply blot it up with a soft cloth and use a mild detergent. You can also use your favorite carpet spray to blot up the wool area rug. You want to avoid using anything that’s too acidic or strong as it may bleach out the entire rug. Hang the rug in a well-ventilated place or run it through your dryer in low heat to dry.