Elegant Diy Rock Pathway Ideas35
Elegant Diy Rock Pathway Ideas35

40 Elegant Diy Rock Pathway Ideas

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One of the favorite, and most famous, hikes in Sedona, Arizona for both vacationers and locals alike is the Bell Rock Pathway. This trail takes you on a scenic journey of the red rocks with panoramic views that can not be beat. This hiking trail is marked as easy to moderate and there are other paths and trails that lead off of the Pathway for you and your family to explore.

The Pathway is about 7 miles round trip and it is important to remember it is not a loop. Keep that in mind while you are enjoying your hike and remember you have to hike back the distance you go in. You do not have to hike the entire pathway to enjoy some great views of the red rocks. As soon as you walk the first 10-15 minutes in, you will be close enough to feel the energy of Bell Rock. Desert flora surround you on the hike and you never know what surprises await you as the desert blooms.

You will find yourself stopping often, on different parts of the pathway, just to take in the views of both the red rocks and the flora. One of my favorite places to take a break, rehydrate and shoot some photos is about 40-45 minutes in (my hiking time, I am an easy paced hiker).You come across a wide flat rock outlook that offers you a panoramic view of the red rocks of Sedona. To see the brilliant blue of the sky with the rustic red rock jutting into it is simply breathtaking.

A lot of people will make that point the end of the hike, but if you have the energy to hike a little further it is well worth your while. You will see Bell Rock fading behind you as new formations come into view. There are a lot of dry beds and a few short bridges that cross them; a great view of submarine rock and when you get close to the end you will catch a glimpse of the Chapel of the Red Rocks in the distance. If you make it that far, take a moment to stop at the trailhead and rest for a moment so you can truly appreciate the views as you head back to Bell Rock.