Gorgeous White Brick Wall Ideas45
Gorgeous White Brick Wall Ideas45

49 Gorgeous White Brick Wall Ideas

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Genealogy researchers are like marathon runners and will normally hit the wall in every project that they do. Family historians will like marathon runners need to learn to push pass, climb over or knock down that wall. The genealogy brick wall is like a huge stop sign and when you come to a place in your research that you just can not seem to get passed it, then we as people tend to feel frustrated and sometimes will even give up the search. Your motivation has to come within you; no one is raising a whip and pushing you through or helping you over the genealogy brick walls in your research. Dig deep and keep going, now is not the time to stop.

I can not imagine that everyone that has ever searched for their family history has not come up against a genealogy brick wall; my brick wall was my Aunt Bea. By the time I tried to track her down through all the normal means that I knew about I was ready to simply admit that she was an alien and truly never part of my family.

Let us just say you are facing that very problem; you just can not seem to go anywhere or worse everywhere you go is a dead end with a huge brick wall standing there. Do not give up, but draw on some creative juices and look for the alternatives. Do not just sit in front of Aunt Edna with nothing to say, or in front of your computer staring at a blank screen, make a move, try this or that and cover every avenue that comes into your mind.