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[First of all commentary on the sole of the Islamic developed ... The [Ramadan], but not a few people who regarded by mistake and that of fasting, the Ramadan, is the name of the month in the last Islamic calendar. However, today is the fasting word Ramadan has been an increasing number to mean. In Ramadan, which means the month in the Islamic calendar, the Koran is revealed to the Prophet Muhammad, for Muslims, Ramadan became the [holy month]. In this month, Muslims toward the sunset from sunrise, by cutting off any and all food and drink, experienced hunger and self-sacrifice, emphasizing that foster empathy to the hungry people and equality. In addition, by sharing the both painful experience, it strengthened the solidarity between Muslims, many of the donations and applying takes place. During fasting, not only cut off the food and drink, and it should be repellent, such as fights and abuse and struggle, by also cutting off greed, such as smoking and sexual intercourse, strengthen the Islamic faith to cleanse itself.
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