[First of all commentary on the sole of the Islamic developed ... Welcome Ramadan The Ramadan, the fasting month of Islamic calendar month. You per the days of the month - month and day this year. Yakuka month, Muslims will make fasting from before sunrise to sunset. From the word [fasting], is only the thought is often to cut off the food and drink, but in Arabic there is a meaning of [Saumu] and say [fasting]. That time, modesty and food sexual fight abuse, will be recommended or to alms read the Koran (holy book). It might lean a painful painful images to fasting. But in fact, Ramadan is a holy month, which was down the first revelation of the Koran, there are also many Muslims look forward to the moon as the most month full of blessings in one year. [Maruha van Ramadan (Welcome Ramadan)] greeting that [Ramadan Mubarak (Ramadan Congratulations)] will be dodged. No all of the Muslims do I need to fast? Fasting is mandatory for adult Muslims, but heavy sick elderly, etc., will be waived for people who can not tolerate physical strength fasting. In that case, it alms to the poor instead.
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