About fasting

[First of all commentary on the sole of the Islamic developed ... About fasting Ramadan of Muslims The month of the Islamic calendar (month of Ramadan), from sunrise to sunset, water, not to any outlet other food. Tobacco is also useless. Including fasting [When you become a white thread and a black difference is seen as a brightness of yarn] in the Koran, there is a please continue [until no know the difference]. What is the purpose of Q fasting? By overcome the basic desire of human beings appetite, make sure the loyalty to Allah, the awareness of as Muslim I called trying to increase. Muslims, strongly aware of the presence of God by fasting. In addition, rich also of poor people suffering Know yourself, there is also a sense that evokes the compassion of the heart (= compassion to others). Similarly, the poor also rich person who And the hungry I think, but there's also an opportunity to experience the solidarity of the population of each other believers. Fasting does not mean do not eat at all to say, a day times, meal after the pre-dawn and sunset are observed.
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